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Having recently stepped out of the stone ages (we just got WiFi in our house 😄), I’m finding that the constant connect is not all I had hoped it would be. The temptation to temporarily check out of my household craziness—which is fairly continuous since I have two little boys with very BIG personalities—is huge. Letting the boys play while I quickly check in and see what’s happening on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram seems like a great idea. But is it?

I’m a working mom, which means that the time I have at home is more than precious. It’s something I fight tooth and nail for every day. For moms at home, I know you face the same time struggle, just the location of this struggle is home rather than the office!

So, why, after fighting so hard to be home, to be present, do I want to spend my time checking on other people’s lives?

The answer is simple…

Because it’s easier.

Playing with my kids on the trampoline, playing bat and ball with a three-year-old who can’t hit but who’s adamant he wants to play, or playing soccer with an active five-year-old just isn’t easy. As an adult, play isn’t natural. After a long, often stressful day at work, the thought of sitting back and watching the kids play while I have some downtime catching up on social media is appealing. Very appealing! But playing is important to my kids. It’s how I show them they’re important. And that’s more important than any feeling I may have – tired, stressed or sad.

So today I’m…


I read these a little while ago:

Jonathan Edwards Resolutions

These are just three of the many resolutions Edwards made, but man, if I could only focus on these for the rest of my life, how different would my life look?

I know that screen-time, in and of itself, is not bad, but, in certain contexts, it’s downright harmful. I don’t want my sons to grow up with the idea that relationships happen around one another’s screen-time. Or that working hard at your job means you’ve earned the right to check out at home.

I want them to know that I love their dad because they see me really seeing him and serving him. I want them to know that they are my focus, that being with them and loving them are the most important things that I can and will do right now. I want them to wonder why our lives look different from what they see in the rest of the world, and I want them to look to my Saviour for the answer.

So my resolution today is this:

I resolve to be present, wherever I may be!

So simple but so incredibly difficult!

What is your resolution today?

All my love,